Adobe Acrobat Assistance for 2040 and Shadow Lane

Sent via email on October 7, 2021

Colleagues at 2040 and SLC,

In September, UNLV experienced an Adobe licensing issue that impacts older versions of Adobe Pro for users across the organization, including the School of Medicine. A solution has been found, however it requires IT
assistance at your computer.

Please open your Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF reader. Users have reported a variety of error messages, such as a trial expiring or an update being required. If you encounter any error message, please make an appointment for IT assistance using the appointment scheduler found here.

Example of an Adobe Pro error message.

Appointments will take place on Thursdays and Fridays for the next several weeks. Each appointment
slot is for a 30 minute period, although we do not anticipate the work taking the entirety of that time.

  • If you prefer in-person assistance, please include your building/location.

  • If you prefer remote assistance, please include your preferred phone number.

  • If you are not available during any of the available time slots, please contact the Help Desk.

If you are experiencing this issue at a UNLV Health location, we will be automatically updating your
computers over the next few weeks. If the Adobe issue is keeping you from your work, please put in a
ticket with the Help Desk and include your location and computer number.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk.

Thank you.

IT Support Services